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“We’ve engineered a complete and dramatic change in the way notaries market themselves and how people find a notary online.  That’s the dictionary definition of revolutionary!” says Mary Pugh, creator and Chief Marketing Officer of

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According to Pugh, the old model, which every notary directory has subscribed to for years, has never worked. That’s because it turns a blind eye to the most important factor is business success: the customer. In this case, the customer is the person who needs a notary. We call the customer, THE SEARCHER.”  The old model has always put the needs of the notary first, not the searchers. 

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What makes different from all the other sites?

Yes, it is one of the largest directories, but what is the real reason by so many searchers go there first?

  • was designed to be a SEARCHER-friendly site. Naturally, it attracts more searchers. And the more searchers, the more potential each listing notary has to earn more business.
    • Our unique programming allows searchers to ONLY see the notaries that fit their needs so their time is not wasted calling notaries only to find out they don’t do that or they don’t serve that area.
    • Each notary PICKS the area they want to serve.
      • Free members of the site get a 10 mile radius around any point they select.
        • That is great for casual notaries who only want to do general notarizations near their neighborhood.
      • PRO notaries want more area!
        •  Going PRO gives the member the opportunity to increase that radius to up to 50 miles.  It also allows them to purchase more “points- which we call setting a pin” with up to a 50 mile radius for each “pin.”
        • This is great for Loan Signing agents, paralegals and lawyers who notarize documents as a real business- they are the PROS.



  • Search results are literally one click away. Fast and easy – that’s what searchers want.


  • Notary listings are comprehensive.


  • Notaries are able to display over 40 pieces of information so searchers have every detail, right at their fingertips. This is true even for the basic “Free” listing, where most other directories allow only a name and phone number.
  • Notaries can “showcase” their skills and certifications, plus advise what BG checks they have completed.

revolutionary notary service

  • The paid "Professional" listings are professional in more than name only. They offer real business benefits to notaries interested in marketing themselves to prospects.


  • "Professional" listings are easily affordable at $10-$30 a year. Other sites charge as much as 10 times this rate while offering far fewer marketing benefits.


  • The site boasts the largest searchable database of notaries available to the public, exceeding 48,000 listings. Pugh says other sites claim to have as many as 25,000 listings, but if you count them all up there’s barely 6,000. Pugh adds, “We don’t hold anything back from searchers.”

What do people ask us?


  • The most frequent question we hear is “why do you allow UPS and other general notaries on the site?”
    • The answer is SEARCHERS want to find notaries for a variety of reasons.
      • NotarizeThis! Listed notaries don’t just do loaning signings they also do general notarizations
    • We want to be THE PLACE where anyone needs a notary (SEARCHERS) can find that notary fast!
  • The second most frequent question we hear is “How do the SEARCHERS know to check the site?”
    • We use a multiple of avenues to let SEARCHERS know we have what they need and we find more and more ways each day
    • It takes multiple contacts with all of these to get them to try our site and find notaries…we are aware of that…and we are patient!
  • The third question we hear is “Why do you let notaries sign up for free and why is the PRO membership so cheap?”  Perhaps some people buy into the “In order to be valuable you have to be expensive!”
    • We want all the notaries to be able to afford being on the site.
      • Even the free notaries who only do local “one off” single signature jobs
      • We want all PROS to be able to list ALL their contact points, ALL their certifications, all their services- have a robust site….and not pay some high fee.
      • PROS that need larger geographies or multiple locations get an inexpensive way to be found in more places without getting calls that don’t fit which not only wastes the notaries and the searchers time…but causes the SEARCHER to NOT call that notary anymore.








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